Purchasing Land


“Buy on the fringe and wait. Buy land near a growing city! Buy real estate when other people want to sell. Hold what you buy!” –John Jacob Astor

What makes land so enticing to those looking to increase their wealth?

Purchasing land has historically been a path to wealth, and it still is today. An investment in real estate is more stable and less volatile than the stock market.

Land is a Limited Asset

We see the basic economic law of supply and demand at work. The amount of land available (the supply) is fixed, but the number of people who want that land (the demand) is growing. Land around the major urban centers, in particular, has been in high demand since the end of World War II.

Real Estate Values Grow Over Time

Compared to stocks and bonds, land or real estate offers a more secure investment. Studies indicate that even as the economy goes up and down, real estate tends to increase in value overall.

Ownership Expenses are Minimal

Land is easy to maintain—unlike a rental or income property, there are no maintenance costs, no worrying about finding good renters, no dealing with property management companies. Beyond the purchase price, your only ownership cost is annual property taxes (which are significantly less compared to the taxes on the average home).

Why Purchase Land in California

California has been enticing people from the rest of the country and all over the world since the Gold Rush.
This state truly has something for everyone—with incredible weather as an added bonus.
  • California’s population: almost 40 million people

  • California’s economy: 6th in the world

  • Los Angeles Metro Area’s GDP: 2nd in the country

  • From 2011 to 2015, over two million new jobs were created in California—the most in the country

  • California is a leader in many industries, from technology to entertainment to manufacturing to agriculture to international trade

Why Purchase Land in Antelope Valley

Antelope Valley developed rapidly during the last half of the 20th century—mainly due to its proximity to Los Angeles. As Los Angeles grew, attracting millions of people, housing prices soared and many Angelenos looked for affordable homes for their families that were still close to the urban center. One place they found those affordable homes was Antelope Valley.
Antelope Valley is in the path of population growth and presents a unique opportunity to those who have vision and patience.
The median home price in Los Angeles is around $600,000, while the median price in Antelope Valley is only $290,000.

Why Purchase Land from Pacific States Land

For over 60 years, Pacific States Land Company has provided thousands of people the opportunity to purchase affordable land in the path of growth.

Right Price, Time, & Place

We offer affordable, subdivided parcels. Our subdivisions are located off major freeways and county roads for easy access.

Favorable Financing

We provide financing with easy terms and low down and monthly payments to facilitate a land purchase to fit anyone’s budget.

Title Held in Trust

Our parcels are held in trust by a major California trust company.

Subdivided Parcels

We have taken the first step in the development process by subdividing large parcels of land. We offer parcels ranging from 7,500 to 32,500 square feet or from 2.5 to 130 acres in several subdivisions.

Proven Track Record

We have been in business for over 60 years and helped thousands of clients like you take advantage of this unique opportunity. We are well acquainted with the region and its development.

What To Know About Purchasing & Owning Subdivided Parcels

Our parcels are “pre-developed,” meaning we have started the development process. We added value to our large tracts of land by subdividing them into separate, fee simple parcels that can be purchased individually.
Graded easement roads provide legal access to each individual parcel in each subdivision, and those can be used in the future to bring utilities. Adding utilities is the next step in the development process.
There is always an element of risk when investing, but we have reduced your risk by offering parcels within a subdivision. Your individual parcel is part of a larger development plan. Utility companies may be enticed to service a subdivision with hundreds of potential new customers, but it would be a costly challenge to get service for a single parcel.
This is why we sell within subdivisions: they offer a cost-effective option for owners to add utilities as a group. You will be able to share the cost of adding utilities with all the other owners in the subdivision—which may further increase the property values.

Adding Utilities

After subdividing the land, adding utilities is the next step. As an owner of one of these parcels, you will get to work with other owners and share the cost of adding utilities. Here’s what that process looks like:
  • Two of our tracts have been annexed to the Mojave Public Utility District (MPUD), which saw the potential of serving hundreds of new customers.
  • When these subdivisions have been sold out, the owners may decide to vote to bring in utilities.
  • With a two-third majority approval vote, the owners may petition MPUD to issue a municipal bond to raise money to bring utilities to the subdivision.
  • MPUD brings utilities, adding value to the land—at that time, individual owners may apply for building permits if they wish.
  • The owners are responsible for paying back the cost of bringing utilities over a long-term basis through tax assessments.